About Us

Leading Australian Protein Company

Our vision from the start at The Naked Co has been to offer the healthiest, highest quality whey protein isolate on the market. We are Australian owned and operated, consisting of people who are extremely passionate about not only our own health, but also our customers’ health and wellbeing (if we can help you to look better naked, that’s just a bonus!). We pride ourselves on exceptional service and a product that is naked. We have nothing to hide — what you see is what you get!


Not Just Another Protein Company

Part of our ‘naked’ approach to business involves simplifying an unnecessarily over complicated market. We don’t sell every supplement/superfood under the sun. Why? Because most of them simply don’t work and are simply a waste of money. You don’t need multiple different protein powders for multiple functions. All you need is one, nutritious, great tasting product. Countless hours have been put into selecting and testing ingredients from all over the globe to ensure we offer a premium quality product at an affordable price.


Try It For Yourself

At The Naked Co, we believe that building relationships is more important than multiple, one-off sales. That’s why we make sure to continually support local suppliers. We have been able to source whey protein isolate, from happy, healthy, grass-fed cows in New Zealand and our ingredients are natural. Our products contain nothing nasty, meaning we can bring you a nakedly honest, nutritious and great tasting product. If you don’t believe us, take advantage of our free postage for sample packs and see for yourself.


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